Our Team
Dustin Hinde
Chief Recipe Developer and Body By Type
Dustin is Body By Type’s resident Chef, with 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry. His work as a Chef in the restaurant industry led him to become more and more focused on where food was coming from and creating delicious meals that were both easy to create and healthy.

He spent time as a chef on a commercial fishing vessel and worked to create healthy, satisfying meals to keep the crew energized during the grueling work. Unfortunately during his last season as a boat chef he became ill and was hospitalized, after extensive testing he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or MS. Dustin chose to forego the traditional disease modifying prescription drugs and instead use his knowledge of nutrition and exercise to control “flare ups”. Over the last three years he had devoted countless hours to better understanding his personal health as well as diet and exercise as a whole.

He is extremely excited to be working the Body By Type and helping people change their relationship with food. Dustin has created recipes that are not only tasty and simple to prepare, but are crafted for each individual body type. Each recipe is created with an understanding of the ingredients and their ultimate effect on the body.

Marlee Mitchell
Product Development
Marlee works for Body By Type to find the best top of the products to help you reach your weightloss and body goals. With a passion for fitness and the outdoors Marlee is very excited to be a part of the the Body By Type team.

She has a background in manufacturing, and has traveled extensively around the world to find the best materials, factories and products and bring these to your door at a low cost. With an ever evolving list of products that will help you attain the results you desire she works to ensure that you receive these products in a timely manner and love them as much as she does. She is always open to new product suggestions that you feel Body By Type should be offering and loves to receive feedback to make the products even better. As you progress through this program keep you eyes peeled for new products like kitchen tools or spices that have passed her rigorous testing.
Health Coaching
Team of Health Coaches and Like Minded Fitness Enthusiasts
Body By Type is a weight loss program, but while a member of this program you are by no means alone. At every step of the way in this program, from the day you sign up to your first workout session to any stumbles along the way, we have a dedicated team of health coaches and fitness enthusiasts to help you.

This team is here to create content that will help you create a new relationship with exercise and nutrition. We aim to give you all of the tools and information to truly understand your body type, and how to attain your weight loss goals. From blog post about the effects of certain exercise on your body type to instructions to bulk cook your food in advance. The most important thing that this team aims to provide is an understanding that there will be hard times but you are not alone and we are here to help you push past these hard times to a truly new you!
Spa Retreat
Designer Body Retreat
Located on Santa Monica Beach, Designer Body Retreat is Body By Type’s premier, world class weight loss retreat. You will not only experience the scientifically proven program that you have become accustomed to with Body By Type, but here you will be able to focus totally on your goals with none of the life stresses in the way. Luxurious living areas combined with spa treatments, sunset strolls and beachfront yoga, you may forget that you are on a weight loss vacation.

This program is not a boot camp but instead the beginning or continuation of long term sustainable weight loss and fitness program. Essentially this program creates cosmetic fitness surgery results without any surgery. When you arrive you will settle into Casa Del Mar’s five star accommodations. Here you start with four light and enjoyable body transforming workouts a week that have been specifically developed for your body type. Everyday five delicious metabolism-boosting meals are made specifically for you by the retreats executive chef. You will also be presented with cutting edge information and lectures that will allow you to transform everything you learn at Designer Body Retreat into your everyday life and create sustained results.

Designer Body Retreat is here to help you reshape, and reform your body not as a quick fix but as a prolonged commitment to yourself. This program’s focus is to change your view of nutrition and exercise so when you leave you can continue the new path you have created. The entire program takes place in the lap of luxury, so much so many celebrities have utilized this top of the line program. Most importantly Designer Body Retreat delivers what you want most, RESULTS. Sign up today to start, or continue your weight loss journey.